Teaching Artist


Educational Philosophy

My goal as a teaching artist and music educator is to connect with each student in a meaningful way, to build a path to a shared sense of joy and well being, and to immerse children in the language and appreciation of music.

I have two school-aged children and a dream that one day, the arts will be considered an essential part of the American elementary school curriculum, as critical in every way as math and literacy.  My fervent wish is for all young children to grow up believing that they are artists.

My philosophy is centered on my belief that music contributes highly to a joyous world.  My work in the classroom is process-oriented with a focus on creativity, providing opportunities for self-expression, and having fun!

I love my role as “Miss Rebecca”, teaching artist in Seattle schools.  It is a joy to provide a creative environment where the children can learn about and learn to appreciate music in a setting that is educational yet fun.   Music is universal and in every culture and time period.  I believe that all humans possess musical ability and that fostering this ability requires early nurturing of musical potential. The playful, creative experience of musical expression is something everyone can enjoy and share.

Class Descriptions

My classroom music instruction focuses on music appreciation and on encouraging children to express themselves through singing, dance, and movement, while exposing them to music concepts and vocabulary through experiences with melody, rhythm, texture, tone, color, dynamics and form.
I see all of this work – and the work of the musical games that we play – as a path to building self-confidence and encouraging each child to have a sense of their own artistic capabilities.

My strength and focus is on connecting with the students as individuals and building community within the class as a whole, deepening the complexity of the work as students mature and move into the higher grades.

A typical class might include some of the following (tailored to grade level):

–        Singing in a group or in rounds, either a cappella or accompanied by an instrument (guitar, bass, piano, etc.)
–        Movement and breath work using yoga and vocal training techniques
–        Exploration of rhythm using our own bodies and/or shakers and tambourines and miscellaneous hand-held percussion instruments
–        Study of the lives and music of great musical ‘heroes’
–        Exploration of the culture and music from all countries around the world
–        Study of various genres of music
–        “Brain-gym” and musical games and activities using our voices and bodies
–        In-class visits from professional guest musicians who play their instrument(s) and give students an overview of recording, touring, songwriting and publishing
–        Collaborative songwriting
–        Quiet listening/meditation/guided imagery

Classes have the purposeful goal of bringing joy and life to the class through music and movement, with an emphasis on getting students excited, energized and confident about their creative power.

I am very committed to and enthusiastic about bringing teaching artists into schools.  I believe that in the traditional classroom setting where activities that develop cognitive skills are given more attention than those that foster creativity, there is a greater need than ever to provide students with opportunities for creativity and self-expression.   I work with groups of children of all sizes, ages and abilities.

For more information on my work as a teaching artist, please contact me at 206-618-1388 or click here.

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