Students say:

“I really look forward to seeing which musician Miss Rebecca will dress like each week.”

“(Miss Rebecca) makes the musicians come alive for you like they are really in the room.  She’s really fun to be around.  She’s just the perfect teacher – she’s awesome and really cool.  She’s the best teacher! She also tells us about the life of the musicians, she makes them come alive.  She helps us find the beat and keep the rhythm.  I’ve gotten much better at that.  She makes us better musicians.  I’ve had such a good experience in music class.  I want it to keep going on, even over the summer.  It’s fun to watch everyone in the classroom grow more confident and get less scared about performing in front of people.  I sang Blue Suede Shoes in front of the class with SJ and we had so much fun.  When it was over, we wanted to get up and do it again. ”

“You are the best music teacher I have ever had.  It is super fun in your music class.”

“I love the music you show us.  It is beautiful.  I have learned lots about great American composers.  You are the best music teacher ever.”

“In music, you teach us very cool things.  You are a great teacher.”

“Dear Miss Rebecca:  Thank you.  I love the song “Go Now in Peace.”  You were a fantastic music teacher.  I will miss you so much.  Your little singer.”

“I love the music class and wish it was not over.”

“You make music fun.  It would not be the same without you.”

“Thank you for teaching us music and opening us up to all the wonderful music in life.  Thanks for everything, Miss Rebecca.”

“Dear Miss Rebecca:  I love music.  You are the best teacher ever.  I loved when we passed the squeeze.  I love the Big Rock Candy Mountain song.  I love the acoustic guitar.  Your music lover.”

“Thank you so much for being an amazing music teacher.  You have done a great job!  I know I will miss you so much after this last session and the whole school will miss you at the end of the year.”

Parents say:

“Each night at dinner our family shares the best and worst part of their day.  The best part of Friday for our daughter is always the same.  Music with Rebecca.”

” Ms. Rebecca thoroughly plans her curriculum so it’s not just informative in content but also fun (through props and costume) and engaging (each student gets a chance at playing an instrument).”

“During Arts Friday Music with Ms. Rebecca, my son gets exposed to various genres of music such as zydeco, r&b, hip hop, classical, rock and many others…. the students also learn about ground breaking musicians and composers such as Mozart, Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix and many others while learning about the fundamentals of music and composition.”

“In half an hours’ schedule, Ms. Rebecca can successfully introduce many different sounds and historical backgrounds of music.  Students get to see what different instruments can do to produce a certain musical genre and they also get a chance to play it.”

“Rebecca Young is everything you could hope for in a music teacher.  She’s fun, warm, passionate, inspired, professional and pretty cool, too.  My 5th grade son came home super jazzed about what they did in class; she exposed the kids to some of the most iconic artists of our lifetime, using their music to hook the kids into great rhythms, beats, sounds, and music history.  She got them moving and playing and connecting to great music on a visceral level.  I couldn’t believe our good fortune to have her in our kids’ classrooms.”

Teachers say:

“Room 208 appreciates all you’ve done in music.  We’ve looked forward to feeling the rhythm on Fridays.”
(B. Bunzel, West Woodland Elementary)

“The kids get so much out of your class.  Thanks for filling in the ‘gaps’ with your wonderful talent and enthusiasm.”
(J. Johnson, West Woodland Elementary)

“I personally am impressed with the amount of thought Rebecca puts into planning for the older kids.  Choosing one artist or piece to draw students into a types of music that they may not be familiar seems to work well, and I appreciate the diversity of musical styles she shares.”
(P. Whitman, West Woodland Elementary)

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