I am honored to teach yoga to tweens and teens in Seattle at my ‘home’ studio, 8 Limbs – Phinney Ridge.  My (almost) daily yoga practice is essential to my peace and sanity and allows me to do all of the teaching, parenting, gigging and juggling that I do – with some amount of grace and perspective.

I graduated from my first yoga kids teacher training (2-7 year olds) with Jodi Komitor of Next Generation Yoga in New York City in 2003.  And in May, 2013 completed the NGY teacher training for 8-13 year olds with Nicole Koleshis.   I love working with and learning from tweens and teens, helping them become more aware of their bodies, their breath and helping them to access that calm place inside of them.   Through the use of literature, music, yoga stories, asanas and games, my hope is that my yoga tweens and teens can carry some sense of peace and compassion with them through their busy lives.

Yoga helps tweens and teens get in touch with their bodies, strengthen and relax their muscles, and develop coordination, focus, and confidence. We will practice kid-style asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing) in a playful, supportive, and safe environment. Through experiential games we introduce the yamas (how to treat others) and the niyamas (how to treat yourself), which deepen their sense of respect and awareness. Yoga is universal. It’s not dogmatic – just healthy fun! Drop your tweens and teens off at yoga, and have an hour to yourself.

Rebecca’s current Kid’s Yoga Classes

To register call 8 Limbs Phinney Ridge at 206.432.9609

For information on private sessions with children, please call me at 206-618-1388.

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