Private Lessons

Bass Lessons

I love to teach and I love to share my passion for the bass. Though I play both electric and upright bass, I offer lessons only on electric bass because that’s the instrument that I have more or less mastered – and the one that I’m kept most busy on in my professional life.

I teach all levels and ages of students from absolute beginners to those who have been playing for years and just need some new tools to kick start their practice or advance their knowledge of the fretboard or musical theory.

In our private lessons we joyfully explore the function of the bass guitar as a powerful rhythm instrument and work toward getting a great tone and groove while playing. We have a lot of fun – and I make sure students develop great technique and ‘pocket’ from the get-go.

Rates are competitive and lessons are held in my studio on Phinney Ridge in Seattle.  Please call me at 206-618-1388 for rates and availability.

Piano Lessons

I started playing piano at the age of six. I enjoy teaching both adults and children at the beginner level. The piano is a great first instrument. It provides a foundation that applies to any further musical exploration.


“Rebecca is a amazing teacher, she lets you play stuff you are interested in and it is so much fun going over to her house every Tuesday. She makes learning bass a blast!” – Louisa L.

“Rebecca is a fantastic bass teacher. She is there 100% for the lesson and truly cares about her students and their music. She is very clear with her communication and makes the music fun.” – Jonathan H.

“Rebecca is a real working musician, a mother, and a teacher.  Her love of the bass and music in general shines through in her teaching.  She has boundless energy, enthusiasm, and patience.  She sprinkles music theory into her lessons in a way that makes sense and is easily absorbed.  She provides the student with real music to play along to, incorporating different styles and genres for a well-balanced approach to bass playing.  She is a stickler for good form, but always in a positive, encouraging way.  An hour with her flies by and leaves you wanting more.  Rebecca is, hands down, the best music teacher we have ever had.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.” – Karen D.

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