Music, Covid, Life…

31 May

In the past week I’ve seen my daughter Eva graduate from college, I returned home from New Orleans with Covid, and sunk into an even darker hole with the horrific news out of Uvalde.  As my friend Kay says, Life is a balance of Joy & Pain. And ain’t that the truth. SIgh.

I have been reluctant to broadcast this episode of The Seattle Channel’s Art Zone with Nancy Guppy which was also released a week ago and offers a glimpse into the jigsaw puzzle of my life as a musician and teacher.  It feels somewhat boastful to share this stuff.  On the other hand, I’m grateful to Nancy for her constant support and dedication to the Seattle and PNW Arts community and to filmmaker Howard Shack for editing and synthesizing my long life into a short episode with such care and skill.  Links to the full Art Zone episode (you’ll definitely want to see the entire show) and to my segment are here: 
Full show:


And, because I’m pretty bad about social media posting and sharing, but also because sharing the work of some of the incredible artists/musicians I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past very quiet years of Covid is more important than ever, here are some links to recordings I played bass on, made by great humans and released during the pandemic:

Margo Cilker’s “Pohorylle” was recorded just before Covid hit and released in November 2021.  Produced by Sera Cahoone and recorded by John Askew:

Many of you know my friend Lindsay Fuller.  Her latest, “The Wake” was also recorded just before Covid hit and released in the thick of it in 2020. Produced by our friend Casey Neill and recorded by John Askew.

A few years ago, my friend Tammy Jo Madsen started making music again with her buddy Scott Kaplan from Band of Certainty.  I joined the band to help make this record, “Twist and Sway”  in the fall before Covid and it was released in the thick of it in 2020:

Seattle’s Julia Francis made this record (When You Get What You Want) just before Covid broke out.  Produced by Steve Fisk, it was also released in the middle of things in 2020:

Local rising star, Shaina Shepherd, is EVERYwhere these days.  She’s a force of nature and we had a great time recording/covering our version of “Never Be Another You” by Lee Fields & The Expressions.  This recording was commissioned by Nordstrom (and used for their fall/winter ad campaigns) and the single was released by SubPop Records at the end of 2021.  It’s a fun bass line and super great to record with lots of my friends here in Seattle.

So, if you’re as bored as I am this holiday weekend (and hopefully you don’t have Covid), take a listen.  And thanks for listening and reading. 

We’ve got to keep making ART, supporting Artists all over the planet and sending love and peace into the world.  In the words of American lyricist Hal David, “What the World Needs Now is Love.”  

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