SHe Said Show Tickets

26 Sep

Friends and Music Lovers,

It’s FALL.  Time to turn on the heat (NO!!!) and get out to some shows so we don’t become hermits this season. 

After a very busy early September (thanks to all who came out to see The inimitable Debbie Miller, the Patsy Cline tribute shows, and the magical Matt Alber) and a quick trip to visit fam in NYC, I am about to enter a very busy remainder of September and early October rehearsing (pretty much daily) for the long awaited performances of: 

WHAT:  SHe Said, A 21st century love story that explores the impact of gender identity on a family and couple who transition together.
WHEN: October 6, 7, 8, 9
WHERE: Broadway Performance Hall, Capitol Hill.


Most of you have heard me talk about this play and the accompanying album that is now available.  Here’s a link:

Powerhouse musician and vocalist Jen Ayers premieres “SHe Said”, her new live show at Seattle’s Broadway Performance Hall 10/6, 10/7, 10/8 and 10/9. This gender-crashing musical story, written and performed by Ayers, also features Marc Kenison (aka Waxie Moon), a grand piano, a live band (Kathy Moore, Rebecca Young, RL Heyer, Melissa Montalto and Geoff Reading) and a multimedia mashup of 70s animation, soul-pop, glam rock, and “The Moth”, all rolled into one. Directed by Daryle Conners. 

More info here: 

We can’t wait to present this show to you!  I hope to see you there.


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