Fall Tween/Teen Yoga

27 Sep

Hello Yoga Friends and Families,

I am happy to announce that I’ll be back – after 2 ½ years!!! – to teach YOGA to TWEENS/TEENS IN PERSON, through 8 Limbs Yoga Centers- Phinney Ridge

This 6-week series will run on Wednesdays, October 5 – November 9, from 4-5pm. You may attend IN PERSON or ONLINE, as you prefer.

Guiding these Tweens and Teens in the practice of yoga – through breath, movement, and conversation – is one of the most rewarding and meaningful things I do.  I am devoted to my own practice of yoga & meditation and enjoy sharing that passion along with some of the tools that we can access to help students become more aware of their own bodies, thoughts and emotions. 

Developing the practice of yoga as a kind of ‘Superpower’ can allow these 10-14 year-olds an opportunity to find more ease and more joy in a fast-paced and complex world where technology and a lack of connection with others and with  nature can sometimes make us feel stressed and alienated. There is a big focus (as requested by students) on exploring ways in which we can slow down and relax.  We also have a lot of fun and there is space for connecting as a group where everyone is welcome and included and unique.

You can register here: https://8limbsyoga.com/offering/tween-yoga-series/

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