5 Oct

Hi friends & fam &  lovers of The ARTS!

We are so excited to open SHe Said TOMORROW night, October 6, at Broadway Performance Hall.

Jen Ayers and The Band (under the fine direction of R.L. Heyer) have been working tirelessly to bring this story to life and to a live audience.  I am in awe of Jen & Graham Ayers and their families and all that they have maneuvered and navigated these last many years.  SHe Said is at its core a love story.  A true, gender-crashing musical story that explores the impact of gender identity on a family and couple who transition together.

Thanks to ALL who have purchased tickets to support this production. The entire cast & crew appreciate it so much.

For those who want tickets and more info:
WHAT:  SHe Said
WHEN: October 6, 7, 8, 9
WHERE: Broadway Performance Hall, Capitol Hill.


A link to the accompanying album, produced by Jeff Fielder:

If you’re in the theater, please stop by after the show to say hello.


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